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Step 1


Scan your photograph (Resolution: 600dpi is usually best or 1200dpi if your photograph is very small) and email it to us for a free quote.

If you don't have a scanner some print shops may be able to scan it for you.


If you are local (to Radlett, Hertfordshire) you can bring the photograph for a free quote.

Call Deborah - 07849030096 to arrange a suitable time.

You can also send your photograph in the post but please call or email first.

Step 2

Confirm you are happy with the price and work will begin on your photograph.


Now is the time to request prints if wanted. They are not included in the restoration quote.

Once your restoration is complete it will be sent to you by email for your approval. If you feel changes need to be made, now is the time to say. The photograph can be worked on more if needed.  

Step 3

Send payment and receive your restored photograph by email.

If you ordered prints already, these will now be processed and sent.

If you would like to order prints after your restoration has been completed you can request them at any time. Printing prices are on the 'Services and Gifts' tab.

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