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Photo Restoration

  • Remove cracks, rips or scratches

  • Repair discolouration and sun damage

  • Remove marks and dirt

  • Black and white to colour

  • Colour to black and white or sepia

Photo Enhancing or Changing

  • Add or remove people 

  • Add or remove objects and tidy up image

  • Change background

  • Stylise picture and change shape

  • Extend or crop 


Every photograph is different so there is no price list for this service. Please scan and email your photographs to for a quote. Or call 07849030096 for help and advice.

As a very rough guide, prices range from £15 to £30 for more simple work, £35 to £55 for medium work, £60 to £85 for difficult work and £90 and over for extremely difficult work.

Canvases, collages of multiple photos (including adding text), and other products are also available. Please ask for more details.

Photo Prints

Photo prints

  • 6x4 inches - £4 each

  • 7x5 inches - £4.50 each

  • 8x6 inches - £5 each

  • 8x10 inches - £6 each

  • 8x12 inches - £7 each

  • 4x4 inches (£4)

  • 5x5 inches  (£4.50)

  • 8x8 inches (£5.50)

Plus £3 postage per order for the print sizes above.


Larger Prints

  • 10x15 inches - £10 each

  • 11.7x16.5 inches (A3) - £13 each

  • 12x18 inches - £13.50 each

  • 16x20 inches - £21 each

  • 16x23.4 inches (A2) - £26 each

  • 20x30 inches - £30 each

  • 23.4x33.1 inches (A1) - £35 each

  • 30x40 inches - £40 each


Postage for larger prints (10x15 inches and above) start from £6. All prints are available with a gloss of matt finish. Please specify if you would like matt, or you may receive gloss.


Gifts and Other Graphic Services

  • Graphic design

  • Flyer design

  • Teacher end of year gifts

  • Party Invitations

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the design. Please call to discuss. 07849030096 

Scanning - with reLOVE Photos

​Our partners reLOVE Photos are specialist in scanning collections of paper photos to digital. They will scan your families “shoebox” of photos to digital so you can share them and enjoy them forever.

reLove Photos
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