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Bring memories back to life.

Email your damaged photos and we restore them to look like new, or sometimes even better than new.

We are able to restore:

  • Dirt and stains

  • Tears,  cracks and scratches

  • Missing parts

  • Ageing effects (such as sun damage)

  • Water and mould damage


We can also:

  • Add or remove people or objects from photos

  • Brighten a cloudy day

  • Airbrushing (magazine style)

  • Add colour to black and white photographs

  • Make coloured photographs black and white

Other services

  • Party invitation design

  • Flyer design

  • Gifts

Deborah Cohen, owner of Photographs Restored, studied fashion at university which is where she learnt to edit photographs for the fashion industry, but now puts this skill to photo restoration.


As well as restoring damaged photos she can also remove blemishes , add or remove people or objects or entire backgrounds and add colour to black and white images.

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